• Guess Who’s Back..

  • Jim Jenner’s Vimeo

    “Remember Your Friends”

  • The Exciting Hobby of Racing Pigeons

    Pigeon Racing They are thoroughbreds with wings. Like great racehorses, homing pigeons have been bred for centuries to compete in races. Pigeon racing is a fascinating hobby, a great backyard past time and a challenging international sport. In Europe races can include more than 20,000 birds in competition. In the United States races can be …

  • Interview in British Homing World

    Jim Jenner Interview in British Homing World May 12, 2006 A dedicated pigeon fancier and a wonderful spokesman for the sport Jim has been called “the pigeon world’s greatest story teller”. Jim lives in the Rocky Mountains of Montana where he bases his production company. Q: We loved reading the transcript of your speech delivered …