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  1. Hi, I recieved an email regarding my childrens book ‘Homer the Homing pigeon’. When I tried to reply my computer shut down, stating there was a problem with the email. Have you recieved my reply? Is there anything wrong with your emails that you know about? Thanks, Jack

  2. Peter Matthews says:

    Sir I wish to race pigeons with a small team and was intrigued by your boyhood loft on your DVD. Is it possible to obtain the plans and a photo from you? How many birds could you sucessfully and comfortably house in this tiny loft?



  3. Dale Elliott says:

    Hey Jim, it’s been a long time my friend! Your name came up couple of days ago when I was talking to Ted and Irene. I think we may have already communicated about this but Ted is my neighbor, has been for about 10 years.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to reconnect. I haven’t stretched a fly line an way too long! Ted suggested that he and I jump in his truck sometime soon and haul our asses over to see you. Sounds like fun to me.

    Hope things are well for you.


  4. Don Welch says:

    Jim, I had to view your film about pigeons and young people three times to really see it. The first two times were blurred by tears. And so many memories which came flooding back.

    As a long time pigeon racer, and someone who started at least 6 4-H club pigeon projects, I applaud you with 82 year old hands.

    Don Welch

  5. Arliss Brotzler says:

    Dear Jim, I just watched your film”The Queens Wings”. I thought it
    was excellent. I’d like some of my friends to see it that say they have
    never heard of pigeon racing. My husband Dave died in March and
    loved the pigeons which he had since he was 12 years old. We
    lent our copy of this DVD and they lost it and you were so kind to
    send me another copy. Thank you. Sincerely, Arliss Brotzler

  6. Tom Brasher says:

    Hi Jim,

    I was wondering if you had a video coming out about introducing the sport to kids? I saw the YouTube video of a $100 loft. Do you have any other information about it? plans or something, I have two kids nine and eleven that are interested in the birds. I have raced in the past and wondering if you have made a video geared towards families or kids? Thanks, Tom

    • Jim Jenner says:

      Does this email still work for you? This was caught in a bundle of spam on our page. Sorry.

      We have a new film called “Young Wings” about children and pigeons. Also a book for kids “of all ages”. It’s called “The Featherhood and you can order at

      Jim Jenner

  7. Lourens Londt says:

    Dear Mr jenner. I would like to purchase your DVD Marathon in the sky. Please can you advise where I can order this from.

    Thanks you

  8. Sam Garrett says:

    Morning Jim,

    I am teaching a college class on pop culture and the movies and have a question that requires an expert.

    I recently received a paper from one of my students that referenced the line about deep roller pigeons by Hannibal Lector in the Silence of the Lambs series.

    I am curious if you know of any evidence that would support or rebuke the statement “if you breed two deep rollers, will they will dive into the ground and die”?

    Is this true?

    I appreciate your time.



    Samuel Adams Garrett
    Visible Music College – VP
    303-990-3999 – cell

  9. terry downs says:

    just finished Featherhood……Excellent read. I thought there were a bit too much details, but was wrong and REALLY enjoyed reading your book. Keep up the good work with the films, an this writing.

    Terry Downs

  10. Dan Milner says:

    Jim . . . THIS FILM is SPECTACULAR!!!! . . .I don’t have the words to say how it moved me . . . and how it stands for everything I believe, and wish to aspire to.

    I would love to help in anyway possible with the movement and getting this video in hands of people that can and will make a difference.

    Contact me when you return from your trip and lets make something happen . . . I am all onboard!

    your friend, and admirer,

    Dan Milner

  11. Don Tolson says:

    Hi Jim
    I have finished my new coop and am looking for birds.
    Don Tolson
    Hamilton, Mt


  12. Don Tolson says:

    Hi Jim
    My new pigeon flock is doing well.
    Before you gave me pigeons, I got on a waiting list for 10, one year old white birds from Dan at white pigeons for sale in Utah. About a week after I got your birds I got an email that he was shipping the white birds.
    Now I have a nice flock.
    Smarty is sitting on 2 eggs. 2 more of your birds are beginning to nest.
    I have most of your birds eating shelled peanuts out of my hand.
    I should have enough babies, I could repay your generous gift.
    I will keep in touch.
    Thanks for the birds and advice.
    Don Tolson

  13. cliff b says:

    hey jim, i recently purchased the movie online.. but you said that you would send it to me! PLEASE get back to me regarding if you sent it yet please.

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